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Applied Chemistry

4-year full-time study programme after the successful completion of which a Secondary School Leaving Exam (Maturita) is awarded

SEP: Pharmaceutical Substances

SEP: Commencement date: 1. 9. 2010


Graduates will gain broad theoretical knowledge in the field of chemistry and pharmacology as well as the necessary practical skills required for work in laboratories and at plants.

Graduates will find employment at pharmaceutical, micro-biological and chemical laboratories and plants; at private establishments dealing with environmental  issues; in various branches of the manufacturing industry significantly engaged in  properties of chemical nature; in various research and service organizations and in laboratories dealing with pharmacy, water treatment, waste, chemical and microbiological analysis, monitoring of the environment, supervision over hygiene compliance; and at civil service and administration departments concerning environmental issues.

The knowledge gained serves as an ideal basis for further study at Colleges of Higher Education, especially those with a specialization in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy and biology.

Graduate profile

The graduates:

  • acquire both theoretical knowledge and the necessary practical skills required for work in laboratories and plants;
  • understand the principles and functions of measuring devices and devices used in chemical and biological laboratories and during chemical technology processes, and are able to work with them;
  • are able to take a sample and prepare it for analysis; take a measurement according to instruction manuals; process and evaluate results; keep working records and documentation;
  • know the principles of a good laboratory and correct manufacturing practice;
  • observe relevant rules and standard analysis procedures in laboratories and plants; are familiar with medication history and other pharmaceutical documentation;
  • are ready to solve problems independently as well as in a team;
  • organise work at chemical, biological and microbiological laboratories and plants with regard to occupational health and safety and the preservation of the environment.