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Dispensing Optician

4-year full-time study programme after the successful completion of which a Secondary School Leaving Exam (Maturita) is awarded


This field is one of the most sought after and those who complete their studies have great possibilities in the labour market. The graduates are fully prepared for all the activities performed at the opticians and after gaining the necessary work experience, they may even open their own company. The technical skills of the graduates also provide work opportunities in the production and trade of optical and ophthalmologic devices and equipment.

The studies can be divided into two parts: general and technical skills and knowledge. The overall aim of the technical part of the studies is to gain all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are needed during the making of glasses on the basis of the ophthalmologist’s prescription, and furthermore focuses on the ability to offer customer advice.

The lessons in technical skills are held in completely new and fully equipped optical laboratories. Furthermore, one month of professional training at selected opticians is also part of this programme.

The programme syllabus enables the development of students’ individual interests, as it offers compulsory elective subjects in higher years. Moreover, the graduates of this programme can enrol at technical colleges or universities, namely for the Bachelor’s Study Programme in Optometry.

Graduate Profile

The graduates of this field are able:

  • To make and repair corrective eye aids according to the prescription
  • To measure the distance of pupils and accordingly to choose suitable frames
  • To adjust and fit the spectacles in accordance with customer head size so as to meet functional, hygienic and aesthetic needs 
  • To give professional advice on how to use and take care of corrective aids, and to recommend other appropriate products
  • To take care of the optical machines and instruments
  • To offer advice in the choice of frames and to recommend suitable eye lenses

 Admission of New Students

The students can be accepted if they have finished primary school and if they meet the requirements determined by the school headmaster. Furthermore, the applicants’ state of health must be assessed by a doctor.

Diseases or health impairment substantial for the assessment of the student’s health capability to apply for the enrolment into the educational programme is pursuant to the government degree No. 224/2007 sb., on the Curriculum of Primary, Secondary and Higher Technical Educational Programmes, as amended.