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The School Premises

The main school premises are located at Alšovo nábřeží 6, Prague 1 and an additional detached school building can be found at Duškova 7, Prague 5, where theory lessons for the higher technical school take place.

The main building at Alšovo nábřeží 6, Prague 1 houses the lectures in all general and specialised subjects of all the fields of study offered by the secondary technical school, and of a selection of the fields taught at the higher technical school. Additionally, laboratories for professional training in the fields of Applied Chemistry, Dental Technician Assistants, Chemical-Pharmaceutical Production, Laboratory Assistants, Opticians, Specialist Diploma Studies for Dental Hygienists, Specialist Diploma Studies for Pharmaceutical Assistants, Specialist Diploma Studies for Opticians, Specialist Diploma Studies for Laboratory Technicians, Specialist Diploma for Dental Technicians are located in the building. Higher education in other areas (i.e. graduate nurse) takes place at the other detached school building in Duškova Street, Prague 5.