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Laboratory Assistant

4-year full-time study programme after the successful completion of which a Secondary School Leaving Exam (Maturita) is awarded


The field of Laboratory Assistants offers great opportunities with regard to the development of modern laboratory technologies in the health service; furthermore the continuous study and technical growth of laboratory assistants is expected.

Laboratory Assistants are trained in general educational subjects, and that including languages and information technologies. Professional training is organized into the following subjects:

  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Haematology and Transfusion Service
  • Microbiology, Immunology and Epidemiology
  • Histology and Histological Technique

 The schooling of subjects in professional training and on the job training takes place at the school premises in well-equipped laboratories. Certified teachers from clinical laboratories and university faculties of medicine participate in the tutoring of laboratory assistants.

An integral part of the study is an internship organized in clinical laboratories or hospital laboratories during the whole study.

There are great job opportunities for laboratory assistants to be found in such laboratories as:

  • Biochemistry lab
  • Haematology lab
  • Blood transfusion lab
  • Microbiology lab
  • Immunology lab
  • Histology and Pathology lab
  • Endocrinology lab
  • Toxicology lab
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics lab
  • Hygiene Services lab

Furthermore, laboratory assistants can also find positions in various research institutes and in the food processing industry or even in the field of water supply engineering.

Further study

Graduates of our Laboratory Assistant Study Programme can continue at a Higher Technical School in fields as are Certified Laboratory Assistants or even enrol at University.

Laboratory Assistants are well prepared to study Chemistry, Biochemistry and related laboratory branches of study. Our school graduates have high acceptance rates at the medical faculties as well as the Faculty of Science of Charles University, at the Czech Agricultural University and at the Institute of Chemical Technology Prague.