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High School 79-41-K/41

In the 2023/2024 school year, we are opening the 1st year of this study program.


Title of School Education Program: High School


Four-year full-time study after elementary school, completed by Czech state leaving exams.


Concept of Education

In the course of education, a high school student is equipped with key competencies and general knowledge at the level of a person with a vocational secondary education and thus the curriculum is designed to empower graduates to continue their studies at universities and other types of tertiary education, for civic and personal life. Education creates a demanding and motivating learning environment and high school students here have enough opportunities to acquire key competences, important knowledge, skills, attitudes and values and leads to their use in personal, civil and professional life. Education uses teaching methods to support and develop creative critical thinking to achieve a broad knowledge base of high school students leading to the further development of their abilities and skills applicable in lifelong learning. At the same time, it supports their flexibility in various areas of human activity leading to quality of employment on the labor market here and abroad.



Criteria for Admission


·        Completed basic education.

·        Fulfillment of the criteria for the entrance exams set by the school principal will be published on the school's website by January 31, 2023.

·        Applicants will take standardized entrance exams

·        Fulfillment of health requirements (assessment of the applicant's state of health is carried out by a medical doctor).


Graduate Employability


We prepare our high school graduates to study at universities and colleges with fields mainly focused on natural science studies - medical, chemical, natural science, pharmaceutical and other faculties of this type. Another possibility is subsequent studies at higher schools, including the use of further studies at our school.





CURRICULUM based on educational standards in accordance with FEP (Framework Education Program), which includes the English language and a second foreign language (German, Spanish), English conversation and mainly science subjects are offered for elective subjects in the 3rd and 4th years according to the student's choice.